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Resistance to changing weather conditions

30 Year Guarantee


A typical feature of the Infratop ceiling are its perforated openings which ensure adequate ventilation, allowing proper moisture removal and air circulation.


Thanks to the construction with ventilation openings, the ceiling protects the roof against moisture, fungi and mould. Additionally, the shape of the perforation holes provide protection against insects such as wasps, bumblebees and hornets.


VOX offers two types of ceilings. The first one is a ceiling with visible perforation on the SV(P)-07 panel, installed in combination with the unperforated SV(P)-08 panel. The second type is the SV(P/PU)-09 ceiling with hidden ventilation. Only one type of panel is needed to install it. It is a convenient solution which significantly shortens installation time. Both perforation systems guarantee the best quality and many years of use.

Ceilings - INFRATOP

Soffit is a practical and trouble-free method of finishing the roof for everyday use. The Infratop soffit made of PVC is a convenient and economical alternative to the wood and metal false lining which were used hitherto. It does not require maintenance, its assembly is quick and easy.
Moreover, it is weather and biological corrosion resistant. We have ensured proper ventilation and roof protection thanks to the use of perforation in the panels. Perfectly selected color scheme allows us to match it to the most frequently used elements of wood joinery. 30 year warranty.


Each interior has different possibilities. Each one can create an individual, inspiring atmosphere. The modern Kerradeco decorative walls, created by VOX stylists and experts, makes walls cease to be part of the background and integrates into your lifestyle. A large palette of decors and colors gives you endless design option and the new, textures provide a tactile touch sensation. Kerradeco is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has exceptional technical qualities. Kerradeco is non-flammable with enhanced sound insulation and also impact and moisture resistant.

Floors and skirting - ESPUMO

Baseboard made using Kerracore technology, which guarantees impact resistance and moisture insensitivity. This is an ideal finish for ceramic, vinyl and laminated floors. It can be painted. It has dedicated trimming accessories.

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