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Residential Steel, PVC & WPC Doors


Made with Galvanized Steel

Cuirass steel doors are made up of Galvanized Steel (GI) international standard sheets with a thickness of 0.8 to 2mm that holds long life span.

Feel of Natural Wood

Cuirass Doors are available in purely traditional wood colors and have the rich exotic look of foreign doors and will last long.

Affordable & Cost Effective

Cuirass steel doors are 30% to 60% economical than wooden doors. With an affordable rate, you can own elegant steel doors with all its advantages.

Anti-theft Locking System

The multi layered strengthened plate of lock set is characterized by impact resistance and breaking resistance which ensures maximum security.

UV Protection

We provide highly durable UV protected steel doors, that do not react to any of the seasonal changes like contracting or expanding.


We are very much concerned about our customers as we provide a warranty of 5 years on all of the locking systems and hinges used.

Eco-Friendly Doors

Cuirass offers environment-friendly steel doors made from durable materials through sustainable manufacturing practices. Stronger than wood, the steel doors that we provide ensures longevity, durability and strength that is unmatched by alternatives. With Cuirass you can take one step forward against deforestation and make your home nature-friendly.

Our steel doors look exactly the same as a wooden door with the exact sound effect while opening and closing the doors. With Cuirass, you can own natural looking wooden doors which are unique, strong, beautiful and give you a great feel of standard quality.

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